How Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Rolesor Replica Watches

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Rolesor Replica Watches

In terms of technical parameters, Rolex replica‘s 43mm sea dweller dual color rolesor (No. 126603) is not intended to solve any practical problems. The watch is waterproof to more than 1200 meters and is one of replica Rolex’s “Oyster professional” sports series. The new work can neither help users dive deeper into the water nor improve the readability. It only combines the two materials of oysterstel (904L fine steel alloy developed by Rolex) and 18K gold. As for replica Rolex’s latest masterpiece in 2019, watch fans generally feel that it “solves a problem that no one cares about…” but is it true?

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Rolesor Replica Watches

I also think that Rolex replica’s mid-range product line between submariner and deepsea is of little significance in creating a more “luxurious” professional diving watch. But the Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Rolesor Replica Watches meet the needs of an important market segment, a larger, more exaggerated and more luxurious Rolex diving replica watches. If the existence of rolesor (two-color version) or all gold version submariner is reasonable, why can’t there be all gold or intermediate gold sea dweller? Don’t forget, except for those who use Replica Rolex wristwatches in professional fields, few people wear wristwatches and put their hands into deeper water than the zinc basin in the kitchen. Therefore, the Rolex version of Jian Jin only caters to a taste of life. Users who think the 40mm submariner is too small will naturally be interested in the larger rolesor diving watch. As long as you try to think about who will wear a two-color Rolex Sea-Dweller replica, you will understand who its target audience is. We may have seen such users before, and we know that they will be willing to buy a replica Rolex 43mm gold diving watch if Rolex really comes out with one. And from May 2019, this kind of watch has really become a reality.

However, I’m not interested in Rolex Sea-Dweller replica126600 launched in 2017. As a commemorative work for the 50th anniversary of the birth of sea dweller, 126600 seems to be just a large submariner with automatic helium discharge valve and red letter dial. Rolex’s wise move is to provide a better proportion watch chain for this 43mm work. The previous generation of deepsea is very inconsistent because of its narrow watch chain. Then in 2018 (just one year later), Rolex released a new deepsea (No. 126660), which solved the problem of poor proportion of previous watch chains, and also upgraded deepsea comprehensively. So, Rolex’s next diving watch to be substantially updated should be submariner.

Under Rolex replica, the real competitor of Rolex Sea-Dweller replica is submariner date (No. 116613ln), which also uses black dial, fine steel and 18K gold case. The latter has been on the market for almost ten years, and its technology and movement have been gradually eliminated by the brand. From a sales point of view, submariner is naturally more popular than sea dweller, so replica Rolex will probably rank submariner’s upgrade plan after the more expensive sea dweller. The difference between the two-color sea dweller and the two-color submariner is about 2500 Swiss francs. With this extra fee, you’ll get a case that’s more than 3mm wide, a more modern 3235 self-made automatic winding movement, an automatic helium drain valve (a function you may never use), and a more powerful effect. In other words, unless you particularly prefer the 40mm submariner 116613ln, I think the Rolex Sea-Dweller replica will be a better choice, especially from the perspective of cost performance.

Sea dweller’s case is 43mm in diameter, 15mm in thickness and 4000m in depth. The sapphire crystal mirror above the dial is also equipped with fake Rolex’s convex lens calendar window. If you don’t pay attention to the automatic helium valve on the side of the case and the words on the dial, you may mistake the new work for a submariner. Another major difference between the two is that sea dweller’s one-way rotating bezel is decorated with a complete minute scale, while submariner only marks the minute scale in detail in the first 15 minutes of the bezel.

There’s also good news: it’s probably easier to buy than Rolex’s latest sport wristwatches. All gold or two-color Copy Rolex watches are naturally less popular than pure steel watches, and most of their potential customers don’t need to queue up in the waiting list or encounter unpleasant situations such as dealer price increases. I really want to spend more time with this watch to see if I really love this size rolesor diving clone watch